2017 Goals & Actions

Refine our sunday morning experience

  • Provide more opportunities for members to serve on Sundays.  Conduct ministry fair by March 2017, with a goal of having new volunteers engaged by Easter 2017.
  • Continue to expand A/V equipment for increased quality on Sundays.  This includes:  laptops; DSLR camera; electronic tablets; podium; new microphones; etc.
  • Provide New Membership and Baptism classes for all members by March 2017.
  • Include musicians and more singers to our regular worship service. Regular musicians desired include, but are not limited to:  pianist; drummer; and guitars.
  • Expand the children’s ministry to include service projects and more take home activities to assist parents to reinforce learning about God.
  • Explore implementing Youth Ministry for Children’s Ministry for youth ages 12-17.

Strengthen our leadership

  • Leadership Team to connect and learn from other church leadership teams in order to share best practices.
  • Encourage all Leaders to attend prayer service on Wednesday nights.
  • Leadership Team to attend a leadership conference together.

Strengthen relationships with God and each other

  • Implement prayer service on Wednesday nights by January 2017.
  • Implement growth challenges throughout the year that include tools and resources for maximum participation.
  • Explore Men’s & Women’s Ministry for inclusion in 2018.
  • Host fellowships for our church and guests throughout the year (i.e. Family & Friends Days).

Make communication clearer internally and externally

  • Implement monthly newsletter for our members by March 2017.
  • Implement “Connection Center” on Sunday mornings after service to facilitate connections and communication.
  • Improve and update our electronic platforms (website and social media) to include more information and facilitate communication.
  • Update and maintain our membership database for maximum communication internally.

Increase street credibility

  • Partner with the city on 2017 events they’ve identified for the community.  Opportunities include booth participation as well as event facilitation.
  • Partner with The Keller Pointe to assist facilitating 2017 events they’ve identified for the members and visitors of the center. 
  • Provide opportunities for Evangelism in the community. 
  • Provide opportunities for our children to support a cause and bless the city.

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